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We invite you to explore the Center's articles and videos. This free, web-based material is designed specifically to empower ministry practitioners to better understand secular and postmodern-minded people in order to lead them to Christ.


From Zero to Three

A 2018 update on the Zero Church Community in Madrid, Spain.

CSPS to Host Year-End Global Mission Center Directors’ Meeting at the “Zero Church” Plant in Madrid, Spain

The annual Global Mission Center Directors’ Meeting is an informal gathering that each of the six centers hosts in turn. This year, the Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies (CSPS) will host the group in Madrid, Spain, near the Zero Church community.

Three Simple Practices That Will Help You Communicate the Adventist Message to Secular People

There are more Adventist churches in more countries than all of the McDonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut restaurants combined. So why hasn’t everyone heard the unique message of the Adventist church?

Reaching Millennial Generations Conference

Ministry leaders from around the world gather at Andrews University to focus on mission to younger generations on April 12-14, 2018.

Vive Lakonn

Lakonn. This word in the Mapudungun dialect of south-central Chile refers to the voluntary surrender of one’s life for another. In the Mapudungun translation of the New Testament, lakonn is used to describe Christ’s sacrifice, and the disciples’ surrender of their lives for Christ. For Lakonn Church in Santiago, Chile, the word by which they receive their name defines the heart of their mission.

Mission Begins at Home: A Conversation With Dr. A. Allan Martin

Why relating to the young adults in your church is imperative to reaching unchurched Millennials

Growing a Younger Generation Church

How Arlington Seventh-day Adventist's Younger Generation Church is growing younger, growing "smaller," and growing deeper for the fame of Jesus

Starting From Zero

How Spain’s “Zero Church” is helping secular and postmodern people take the first step in their relationship with God

Demystifying Adventist Missional Church Planting: Q&A With Anthony WagenerSmith

Adventist church planting is, at best, an enigma to many ministry practitioners, and, at worst, a terrifying endeavor. How does one transition from the role of congregational shepherd to visionary church planter? How does a church plant reach secular people rather than simply attracting disgruntled Adventists? And what can a pastor do if he or she is unable to plant a new church, but desires to reach the unchurched through an existing local congregation?

The Makings of an Epic Church

Behind the scenes of Chicago’s successful young adult Adventist church and on-the-ground coverage of its newest church plant.

An Epic Church Encounter

Why one Adventist church's young adult population is skyrocketing in the midst of a young adult church engagement crisis

God at the Gym: Seven Ways to Reach Secular and Postmodern People in Everyday Life

According to research done by the Barna Group in 2014, unbelievers are less responsive to churches’ efforts to connect with them than ever before. In the face of these realities, how can your church reach unbelievers with the gospel? Read on for seven ways to start reaching out to secular and postmodern people in your sphere of influence today.

The Whole Truth and Nothing But: Discipleship in a Post-Christian Age

Jesus's words in the books of Matthew and Mark make it clear that that making disciples begins with sharing the gospel in some way to those around you as you move about in your culture. But our next question was “What is the Gospel”?

Conversion and Worldview Transformation Among Postmoderns

This paper will first of all look at the worldview values found in the emerging postmodern generations, then will briefly describe some of the positive and negative aspects of those values before listing some of the best practices that encourage conversion and worldview transformation among postmoderns.

Framing the Gospel for the Relational Context of Postmodernism

My “Boomer” generation spent our youthful energy marching with placards protesting social and political issues. Some of us made social statements by sleeping in parks, experimenting with drugs, declaring the Age of Aquarius, and challenging the basic institution of marriage. But eventually we settled for the change we did or did not effect and gradually settled into the mainstream, made money, married, made babies, went to church, divorced—sometimes multiple times—without giving much thought about the fact that those babies we cherished, along with their collective attitudes would go on to define postmodernism.

“Toto—I’ve a Feeling We’re not in Kansas Anymore”:
Centers of Influence as Practical Models for Wholistic Ministry among Urban Postmoderns

As Christians survey the mission challenge of the rapidly growing urban and postmodern populations throughout the world, many feel like Dorothy—a long way from “Kansas” and its familiar landscapes. We have been swept from the comfortable security of what we know in terms of church and witness, and have been thrown into uncharted, even seemingly hostile territory. We are facing a different world, with different rules. And that world is increasingly urban postmodernism.

Christianity for Postmoderns: From Metanarrative to Storytelling

How may Christianity word itself to a postmodern audience, deeply suspicious of meta-narratives, of all-encompassing truths, and still retain its specificity? The purpose of this paper will be to address this problem.


Book: Narrative, Meaning & Truth

The authors of this volume; drawing on a wealth of historical, philosophical, theological, and practical knowledge; speak to these and other challenges and rewards of Fulfilling the Mission in Relativistic Contexts. Read their stories. Reflect on their insights. Absorb their experiences. Adapt their methods. And ask God to fill you with His love for those seeking to move beyond skepticism to significance.


Sam Neves: Visual Fragmentation and the Whispering of the Remnant, Part 2

This is My Story: Todd Stout

This Is My Story: Felipe Tonasso

This Is My Story: Andres Flores

David Trim: Watchmen Over the Flux of Thought

John Stackhouse: Postmodernism: A Bad Thing? A Good Thing? Or Just a Thing?

John Stackhouse: Postmodern Evangelism

Karl Wilcox: Why Johnny Won’t Read the Bible

Abigail Doukhan: Christianity for Postmoderns

Felix Cortez: Reading Psalm 23 Through Postmodern Eyes

Stanley Patterson: Framing the Gospel for the Relational context of Postmodernism

Kathleen Beagles: The Whole Truth and Nothing But

Bruce Bauer: Conversion and Worldview Transformation among Postmoderns

Kleber Gonçalves: Witnessing to Christ in a Secular, Post-Christian, Postmodern Context

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